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Oxford Waste & Recycle Bin

Quad Stream Front Load

The Oxford Collection, our original waste and recycle bin, features our classic post and panel design with smooth panels, making this collection compatible with any facility's aesthetics.

Made from our maintenance free Max-R Lumber™, this waste and recycle bin comes in multiple sizes and gallon capacities and includes a rigid liner(s).

Stream Configuration Options

Oxford Quad Front Load Waste & Recycling Bin Slim Configuration
Slim Configuration

All streams are a 22 gallon capacity enclosure.

Oxford Quad Front Load Waste & Recycling Bin Split Configuration
Split Configuration

One bin enclosure is split into two smaller capacities.

See our other configuration options:

As a campus we created a goal to provide clear and easy options for waste, recycling, and composting. However a variety of bin types, sizes, and colors created confusion across our campus community. We made the purposeful choice to work with Max-R and created a consistent design that is both convenient for our customers to use and efficient for our dining and facilities staff to maintain. The bins are durable, easy to keep clean, and a highly visible symbol of our commitment to sustainability.

Corbin J. Smyth

Associate Vice Chancellor, Student Life

University of Minnesota Duluth

Testimonial Univ. of Minnesota Duluth

Use our online bin configurator to try out different configurations, colors, symbols, labels, roof options - interact with all of our customization options and create your ideal waste & recycling bin!

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Download Oxford Waste & Recycling Square Bin Spec Sheet

Oxford Quad Front Load Waste & Recycling Bin

Standard Configuration

Capacity Dimensions*

Slim Configuration

Capacity Dimensions*
22 + 22 + 22 + 22 gal 52.5" W x 24" D x 43" H

Split Configuration

Capacity Dimensions*
18 + 18 + 18 + 18 gal 46" W x 24" D x 38" H
38 + 38 + 18 + 18 gal 68" W x 24" D x 38" H
22 + 22 + 22 + 22 gal 46" W x 24" D x 43" H
45 + 45 + 22 + 22 gal 68" W x 24" D x 43" H
26 + 26 + 26 + 26 gal 46" W x 24" D x 47" H
55 + 55 + 26 + 26 gal 68" W x 24" D x 47" H

*Approximate Dimensions